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A match made at
Make Influence.

We have gathered everything you need to increase your influence, in a frictionless experience.

Make Influence about
Make Influence about
heart Our story

There are two sides
to every story.


And as you know, it takes two to tango.

The same goes for us.
Our business is build on a relationship.

Relationships can be tough. Sometimes even unfair.      We wish to change that.
We want to challenge the norms, and make influencer marketing transparent, efficient, and fair.

In order to do that, we focus on performance, to create trust.

Because in the end.
You can't have one without the other.

We need both sides of the equation. Both sides of the story.





After many demos, countless tests and a lot of late-night pizza, we had laid the groundwork for In August 2018, the team's dedicated developers began building the first performance-based platform for influencers in Denmark.

heart Our vision & mission

We want to be market leaders, in the field of data-driven influencer marketing. New technologies and algorithms will pave the way for a platform, where all businesses have the opportunity to work with influencer marketing, based on results.

Our aim is to allow businesses and influencers to build a strong relation on a platform, where the possibility of earnings are unlimited, but based on measurable results. We do not define an influencer based on size - but on the value they create.


Kasper Bondegaard
Sales & Founder
Rasmus Bruus Larsen
CEO & Founder
Frederik Kiel Jespersen
CTO & Founder
Astrid Dam Schiøller
Marketing Manager
Rebecca Santos Bay
Head of Projects & Enterprise
Sofie Heisselberg
Customer Success Specialist
Anna Kroier
Influencer Success Specialist
Rikke Vestergaard
Influencer Success Manager
Sophie Halskov Boldt
UX Designer
Sandra Brendebjerg Hanson
Influencer Success Associate
Katrine Justsen
Influencer Specialist for Enterprises
Jevgenia Krutikova
UX Designer
Marck Lund-Nielsen
Visual Content Specialist
Caroline Nolsø Tofft
Head of Sales
Alexey Bob
Anna Hrechko
Ievgen Davydov
Yaroslav Kikot
Francesco Pastorelli
Growth Lead
Vladimir Naumenko
Andreas Lau Diekmann
Sales Representative
Anders Scheuer Rasmussen
Customer Success Manager
Sebastian Nørholm Andersen
Sales Development Representative
Sean Astrakhan

Why we have made
influencer marketing

Better content

It won't do, to just take a picture of a product and post it on Instagram. Nothing comes that easy.
Certainly not influence. Influence involves the ability to affect people. We need real people, to tell us real stories. And take ownership.

Pay only for actual value

Influencer marketing made fair. Price and performance tied together. We take care of transparency, and creating trust. We wish to make influencer marketing fair. Because in the end.
You can't have one without the other.

Decide your own ROAS

Influencer marketing is about insight. Stop working blindly. We have made it easy and very transparent, so you will not need to use any other tools, in order to measure your performance at Make Influence.

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