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A toolbox designed to create growth.

bullhorn Campaign

Create your campaigns directly on the platform

Increase awareness of your brand with a tailor-made campaign that you can create directly on the platform.

Catch the attention of the influencers. Use your campaigns to recruit the right influencers.

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing platform
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search Discovery and recruitment

Find the influencers
that best suit your brand

We love data. Use relevant data to choose the right influencer to promote your brand.

It's about the target group. Easily research the target group of the influencers so that you achieve the best collaboration.

Contact with influencers

Good communication is the key to good cooperation. Chat easily and painlessly with the influencers through the platform.

Influencer care

Protect your influencers. They are human beings and should not be perceived as advertising columns. A good and healthy collaboration is the way to success.


Everything you need in one place. We have gathered everything you need to increase your influence. Simple, intuitive and smooth.

chart-pie (1) Reporting and Analysis

Influencer marketing is all about insight

Avoid working blindly. Stop stumbling around. Track the traffic on our dashboard. Let the data lead.

Measurable influence. Drop the assumptions. Check your conversions and pay only for the sales that end up in the order book.

Influencer marketing platform
Influencer marketing data
Influencer marketing data
Influencer marketing platform
Influencer marketing data
Influencer marketing data
chart-line Track your ROI

Measure your influence.

Influence done right. In a non-transparent industry, based on up-front payments, we have decided to focus on honesty.

You only pay for performance. We have developed a platform where price and performance are linked. To ensure transparency on both sides of the equation.

file-invoice Automatic payment and invoicing

Don't worry.
We've got this!

Follow the value created. On your dashboard, you can keep track of how many sales the influencers have to pay for.

Do not lift a finger. When it comes to paying the influencers and billing, we have made sure that this happens automatically every month.

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing data
Influencer marketing data
chart-pie (1) Customer Success team

We help you achieve success.

Get the best start. Your Success Manager makes sure that you will be thoughroughly onboarded from the get-go.

Help is always near. Actually only a phone call away. It is your Success Manager's primary job to help you create results.

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing
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