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Why Make Influence?

The road to growth is a science demanding insight and overview.

Emma Anesen
Influencer data
Influencer marketing
Influencer data
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Your influence
at a glance.

We want to be market leaders, when it comes to data driven influencer marketing. New technologies and algorithms will pave the way for a platform where all businesses have the opportunity to work with influencer marketing based on results.

Our aim is to enable businesses and  influencers to establish a strong partnership on a platform, where possibilities for earning are endless, but based on measurable results. We do not define an influencer by the size - but rather by the value they create. 



Hvad er Make Influence?
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One platform with many features.

Nurse your influencers

Nothing comes easy. Especially not influence. Let the new generation of professional influencers strenghten your position on the market.


Everything you need in one place. We have gathered all you need to increase your influence. Simple, intuitive and frictionless.

Personal Success Manager

Become successful. Help is near. You get your own personal Success Manager, who can help you with any question you might have. 

Reporting & Analysis

Influencer marketing is all about insight. Stop working blindly. Let the data guide, and grow your business without all the conjecture.  

Track your ROI

Measurable influence. Skip the presumptions. Track all your traffic, control your conversions, and pay solely for the sales that make their way to the order book.

Scouting & Recruitment

We love data. Which is why we require of our influencers that they connect, and create acoounts, with their Instagram, so that we can obtain all their data.

Influencer campaigns
desktop Platformen

Create traffic, overview and exercise influence.

We have made influencer marketing transparent. A performance based platform where all your influencer marketing activities are measured. Grown your business without any conjecture. Let the data speak.
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