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There are two sides
to every story.

It takes two to tango and the same goes for us: our business is build on relationships.

Relationships can be tough, sometimes even unfair. We want to change that.
We want to challenge the norms, and make influencer marketing transparent, efficient, and fair.
We do this by focusing on performance, to create trust. Because in the end, you can't have one without the other.

We need both sides of the equation. Both sides of the story.
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users Mission & vision

... and where we are going from here.

Our Mission
We want to be a market leader in data-driven influencer marketing. New technologies and algorithms must pave the way for a marketplace where both companies and influencers have the opportunity to work together with a focus on results, in a versatile and scalable environment.

Our Vision
Our purpose is to allow companies and influencers to build strong relationships based on measurable results, and help the influencer industry become the reliable, trustworthy and transparent advertising medium of the future.

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Meet our stellar team 🚀

Rasmus Bruus Larsen
CEO & Founder
Francesco Pastorelli
Growth Lead
Sofie Heisselberg
Customer Success Manager
Anders Scheuer Rasmussen
Customer Success Manager
Julie Hasse Larsen
Talent Scout
Sebastian Nørholm Andersen
Sales Development Representative
Matthew James Carter
Full-stack Developer
Mathias Oliver Hansen
Product Lead

Why join Make Influence?

At Make Influence I found a supportive and dynamic environment where I can feel safe to  experiment, make mistakes and grow. Being in a young, healthy and ambitious startup in a competitive industry is challenging but offers a lot of reward and personal growth opportunities.
Make Influence is a start-up aiming high - you will become part of a great journey which will give you lots of personal development.
My journey here so far has given me a great opportunity for me to combine my interest for data mining, analysis and reporting with tactical decision making. I've seen my work impact the way we profile and engage customers, and I was only a few months in before I was entrusted responsibility for internal reporting and analytics. In order to do this, I've had to learn MySQL; a must have tool in a data analysts tool kit, and something I hadn't previously had the chance to pick up.
Mathias, Product Analyst
The most amazing thing about working at Make Influence is that  join a company where you get to take as much responsibility as you want. 
If you are hardworking and passionate, you can take strategic decision for the company’s future on a day to day basis, and you really feel like you are shaping
the way influencer marketing will be done in the future. However, working in a startup is not for everyone you need to be moving fast and being willing to test and adapt to new situations. 

Another thing I love is that we have the most amazing team: we are young and ambitious, all striving to build the best influencer platform in the world, while having fun.
Working at Make Influence definitely means being up for a challenge: working in a disruptive start-up, that is trying to revolutionize a whole industry is not for kids. If you are ready, you will be working closely with the founders, who cannot afford NOT to listen to your brilliant ideas and implementing them along the way. In other words, your voice has a big impact on our journey 🚀
Even if we are still small, Make Influence is just how every workplace should be. It has all the all the small things, that matters a lot: free beverages (hot/cold), friday bars, performance dash-boards, comfortable couches, all the tech equipment you need, packed into a super nice office... Everything just... works!

You should be able to shine in your role and not deal with all the small things. 😉
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We like to party, too!

We are wild, young and free - and we like parties! Friday parties, summer parties, winter parties, dinner parties, beer tasting parties... You mention it 🤓

Every year, we organise one major summer party with all of our influencers and businesses partners. Have a look for yourself how the last one went!

Summer Party 2021 @ Copenhill
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