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Handling several collaborations at the same time is not an easy feat. Ensure your influencers are activated with our in-app chat, zero-touch reporting and automated invoice and payout system.
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Scale your influencer marketing program
Grow worthy collaborators into your very own brand ambassadors, and maximize their long term value and your ROI, through data insights.

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Revenue for brands

FOR e-commerce

Supercharge your
performance with creators.

Turn your influencer marketing into a performance channel, and fuel your e-commerce growth.

Data driven recruiting

Look past follower count: start recruiting collaborators that match your demographics and marketing objectives.

Monitor results in real time

Integrate with your CMS for accurate tracking and insights, and understand your influencers'  impact on traffic and sales.


Align your investment with your campaign objectives, and pay collaborators based on the results they generate for you.

For agencies

Offer powerful influencer solutions to your clients

Grow your portfolio of services and start managing your clients brand partnerships, the simple and reliable way.

All your clients under the same roof

Save time and money by centralising your influencer activities in one place.

Reliable analytics, automated reporting

Keep your clients up-to-date with your campaigns performance, without moving a finger.

Capitalise on our experience

Investing in Make Influence means investing in years of experience in running top-of-the-class performance driven influencers campaigns. Let us help you with that.

Learn how Musclehouse got 8.8x ROI on their influencer marketing program.

Learn how Musclehouse turned influencer marketing into a traffic and revenue powerhouse for their webshop using Make Influence.

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Working with influencers, made simple and effective

Streamline the way you work with your ambassadors, with one platform that does it all.

Create campaign

Set your own requirements and goals, ensuring a flying start to your collaborations.

Recruit influencers

Recruit or be discovered by hundreds of creators that fit your brand and demographic.

Seamlessly collaborate

Activate your partnerships and track content delivery with in-app chat and content library.

Analyze and expand

Find out who delivers results and grow your ROI by expanding your relationships with them.


Where love stories between brands and creators are born

Join a vibrant and alive marketplace of creators actively looking for
professional collaborations.

Fashion & Beauty

From shoes and dresses, to jewellery and make-up - join a marketplace with creators ready to bring your products in front of the right eyes.

Health & Lifestyle

Discover a thriving community of sport enthusiasts, nutrition experts, mindfulness gurus and self-care advocates ready to genuinely promote brands that align with their values.

Home & Family

Whether you sell products for newborns and kids, pets, home care and design, connect on a deeper level with your audience through creators going through the same journey in life.

Food & beverages

Discover and recruit influencers ready to try out your delicious products and share recommendations with their communities.

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With years of experience starting and scaling successful influencer programs for a wide variety of brands, we are sure we can help you too.

Capitalize on expertise

Leverage on our experience shaping sucesfull brands with creators through proprietary growth models, strategies and tactics.

Leverage established relationships

Thanks to our close ties with talented and professional creators, you'll team up with creators that always align with your brand and goals.

Enjoy full transparency

Stay in the loop about your spending and track your results effortlessly with our performance tracking technology.

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