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We help you being discovered by relevant brands using your insight data and allow you showcase your results to your collaborators.

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We created a fair and transparent compensation model, where you get paid for the clicks or sales you generate for your partners.

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Earn a fixed amount for each click you create to a website, or percentage of the sale price of the sales you drive.

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Make Influence makes my job as a creator so much easier. I get a lot of requests by interesting brands and have a simple overview of my clicks and sales, so I can just focus on creating content. On top of that, they are a great team to work with.

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Trusted by thousands of influencers

I can easily connect with businesses, have a great overview of my clicks and sales, and I don't even have to do that much except for creating content. Make Influence makes it super easy to do my job, on top of that, they are a great team to work with.

Camilla Bomund


Make Influence is the perfect influencer platform if you're interested in getting sent a lot of cool products and at the same time make money from your collaborations.

Jackie Navarro


I use Make Influence, because it is simple and easy to use. There are always plenty of campaigns, and on top of that, the make influence team is always happy to help, if you have any issues!

Anders Storm