Frequently Asked Questions

Is anything unclear? Maybe you can find the answer below. Otherwise you are always most welcome to contact us directly.

For brands

Are your prices including or excluding VAT?

Like most other places, our prices are always excluding VAT.

Is commission including or excluding shipping?

All registered sales are excluding VAT - which means commission is calculated before taxes and shipping costs.

What does service fee mean?

Our service fee is 15% of the commission.

Example: If the influencere drives a sale of an item worth  €100, and you have set the commission at 10%, then the influencer receives  €10 for the sale. Then the service fee will be 15% of the commission, which is €1.5 which is added.

This means, that in this case, you wil pay €10+€1.5 = €11,5 for the sale.

What does the service fee cover?

We handle your payments to the influencers, as well as invoicing. This means it is all automated, so you won't need to do anything. Simple, right? In order for it to work frictionless, certain expenses to third parties are involved, which are covered by the service fee.

For influencers

Is Make Influence free?

Yes, Make Influence is 100% free for creators. We only charge brands for the access to the marketplace and usage of other feature, but don't take anything from your revenue.

How do I get started on Make Influence?

To register, you must have a business profile or creator account linked to a Facebook page.
This is because Facebook owns the rights to Instagram and through this, we gain access to your insights. Please, remember to grant access to everything, including your profile. We only get access to insights such as impressions, reach, audience demographics, follower growth etc.

Once you connected your instagram account, our influencer success team will review your application and accept you on the platform, usually within a few hours.

What are the criteria for being accepted on Make Influence?

In order to be accepted on the platform, you need to be at least 18 years of age, and have a minimum of 1500 followers on instagrams. In some countries, we only accept creators with over 5000 or more followers. On top of this, we will ensure that your audience is genuine, meaning you grew it legitimately. In other words: no fake followers, healthy engagement and majority of your audience localised in one or more countries we support.

What networks do you support?

So far, Make Influence integrates seamlessly with instagram only. We are planning to add tiktok and more social media in the future.