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Is anything unclear? Maybe you can find the answer below. Otherwise you are always most welcome to contact us directly.

Are your prices including or excluding VAT?

Like most other places, our prices are always excluding VAT.

Is commission including or excluding shipping?

All registered sales are excluding VAT - which means you do not pay for shipping.

What is service fee?

Our service fee is 15% of the commission. 


If the influencere generates a sale of DKK 100, and you have set the commission at 10%, then the influencer receives DKK 10 for the sale. Then the service fee will be 15% of the commission, which is DKK 1.5 which is added, This means, that in this case, you wil pay DKK 11,5 for the sale.

What does the service fee cover?

We handle your payments to the influencers, as well as invoicing. This means it is all automated, so you won't need to do anything. Simple, right? 
In order for it to work frictionless, certain expenses to third parties are involved, which are covered by the service fee.

How are payments done?

On the platform, you can keep track of sales generated by your influencers. Each month, we take care of paying the commission, so you do not need to do anything in regards to that. Moreover, we make sure that the general invoicing takes place automatically, so you can focus on achieving succes with your influencer marketing. 

How is the commission calculated?

You set the commission yourself  - whether it be a percentage of the sale or at set lead price. So it is up to you, how much you pay the influencer per sale.

For how long do I commit myself?

You do not, as such, commit yourself for any period with our subscription. You pay for three months at a time, in which you may in principle terminate the subscription, with a few days notice, before the end of the three month period. Then we do not renew your subscription.

Tracking of sales
How do you track the sales?

We integrate a pixel into your webshop system, that tracks all sales clicks, etc., when any interaction is done using the unique link that the influencer uses for promotion.

How long does the cookie last?

We have a cookie time of 30 days,  which means that we track sales made up to 30 days after a person does the first click.

How do I keep track of my ROI and ROAS?

Your dashboard will be full of relevant data, so you may continously keep track of your ROAS and ROI. 

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