Grow your clients' influence, without growing your headcount

Start offering influencer marketing as a channel for your clients, without revolutionizing your team.

STRATEGY development

More than a tool, a partner to your influencer marketing department.

When working with Make Influence, you get access a methodology grounded on years of experience and technological solutions to enable it.

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centralize your influencers

Bring all of your clients under the same roof, and save time and money.

Streamline the way you work with influencer marketing by offering a consistent package of services to your clients, from data driven influencer discovery to payout.

new revenue streams

Open up a new way to monetise from your clients.

Influencer marketing is here to stay, and it offers opportunities to create extra revenue streams for your agency. Let us help you here.

data insights

Report on real results, without moving a finger.

Get unmatched level of insight into who and what drives the results your clients demand. We do the work, you just need to show them!

Find your next brand ambassador with Make Influence

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results you create.

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