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For brands that just want to try out influencer marketing with Make Influence, with no commitment.

  • Up to 3 influencers
  • Up to 1 campaign
  • Up to 1 market
  • Up to 1 user
  • Find & Recruit Influencers
  • Campaign & Relationship Management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Content Library (limited)
  • 100% self-service
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Grow Your Brand

Start scaling your influencer program with our flexible paid package, starting from: 

  • From 10 influencers and above
  • From 1 campaign
  • From 1 market
  • From 1 user
  • Find & Recruit Influencers
  • Campaign & Relationship Management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Content Library
  • Customer Success Manager
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200+ brands

already use Make Influence to manage their influencer marketing program. 

All our pricing packages are fully featured

Influencer Discovery

Find active influencers that fit your criteria with our advanced search function.  

Campaign Builder

Create professional campaigns to organize your collaborations. You can invite influencers to join campaigns and they can apply to participate to your public ones. 

Public and Private chat

Communicate with individual influencers to discuss expectations, activate them and agree on next steps, or send messages to all your influencers in a campaign to keep them updated and motivated. 

Content Library

Keep an overview of all the branded content published by your influencers and gain insight of how it performs.

Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of how your campaigns, influencers and pieces of content are performing at any time.

Affiliate Tracking & Compensation*

Create performance based campaigns, that tie influencer compensation to desired results you want to achieve (e.g. pay-per-impression, pay-per-click, pay-per-sale). 

*Available in selected countries only. 

Automated Invoicing & Payout*
Pay influencers directly through Make Influence and keep all your invoices in one place.

*Available in selected countries only

Questions about our prices

What's the difference between Basic and Growth packages?

With the Basic package, you get to try the platform and work with 3 influencers on one single campaign - free of charge. 

The Growth package pricing is flexible, and depends on the amount of influencers, markets and campaigns you need. The growth package starts from 10 influencers, 1 market and 1 campaign for €300. 

Are the prices including or excluding VAT?

The prices shown are excluding VAT. 

Is shipment included in the commission?

We do not include shipment fee value in the commission fee you pay to influencers - this is valid for all webshop systems with the exclusion of Woocommerce. 

If you use Woocommerce, unfortunately we cannot correct it, so in this case shipment will be included when the commision is withdrawn. Woocommerce is currently working on this, so hopefully it will be improved soon.  

What is the Commission Fee?

Our Commission Fee (previously known as transaction fee) is a percentage of the commission value we charge on top of what you pay to influencers to handle and process payments. This fee varies depending on the plan you are on, so that when you have more influencers on your campaigns (more commission paid out monthly) it is more convenient for you to upgrade to a bigger plan to that the commission fee is lower. 

For example: 

You are on a growth plan, with a 15% commission fee. 
One of your influencers on your campaign generates a sale of 100 € .
You have set up a 10% commission rate to be paid out to the influencers on that campaign. 

Then, the influencer receives 10€ for that sale, and you will pay Make Influence a commission fee equal to 10€ times 15% = 1.5€.  (equalling 15 % of the commission fee paid to the influencer).  In total, you will pay 11.5 € for that sale. 
After a certain value of active influencers and conversions, it would become more convenient for you to move to a Pro plan, where the savings in commission fee would balance out the increased flat fee costs of the higher plan. 

What does the service fee cover?

We handle your payments to the influencers, invoicing and tax reporting (for influencers without a CVR.nr.). This is meant for you as a business to handle as little as possible. 
In order for this flow to happen effortlessly and easily for all parties – we have certain expenses towards third parties, which the service fee helps us covering.