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Overview over your results, insight in what generates them.

With our analytics & reporting tools, you always have an overview of what results your campaign is generating, and a deep insight into which influencers and what content are performing best. 

Collaboration solutions

Invoices and payout, made fast and simple.

In some countries, you can already pay influencers directly through the platform, either a fixed sum or based on the results they generate as part of your campaign. 

Collaboration solutions
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Central to your brand digital growth.

'' With Make Influence, we largely get rid of prices  negotiation. They have managed to make it performance-based,  making performance something real and something appetible, which works both for the company and the influencer. Definitely covering a gap in the market."

Janni Eghøj —  Digital Marketing Manager at PanzerGlass



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With our articles and opinion pieces about influencer marketing, e-commerce and entrepreneurship. 

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With a selected collection of educational resources for marketing experts and noobs alike. 

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200+ brands already use Make Influence.

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