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Simplify and automate your influencer marketing, whether for your first campaign or global expansion.


Professional campaigns in just a few clicks

Bring your ideas to life in the form of professional briefs, and show them to thousands of active influencers.

Choose your campaign objective

Tailor your campaign to your objective by choosing between brand awareness, traffic and conversions.

Select campaign requirements

Keep control over who can see and apply to your campaign, ensuring you recruit the perfect influencers.

Performance based compensation

Choose the compensation method that best aligns with your campaign goals and KPIs.

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From strangers to lovers, in a matter of minutes

Find the right candidates for your campaign, easy, effective and quick.

Only verified influencers

All influencers are manually verified, ensuring that you reach real and engaging audiences.

Actionable insights, updated in real time

Go deeper than follower count and engagement, choose your influencers based on valuable demographic and performance data.

Let the influencers come to you

Every day, hundreds of influencers actively look for collaborations on Make Influence, all you need to do is to. accept the most promising ones.

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All your collaborations under the same roof

Easily collaborate with as many influencers as you need, directly from the platform.

Activate your collaborations

Keep in touch with influencers with our in-app chatand make sure they deliver their content.

Monitor content performance

Keep track of new content produced and monitor how well it's performing with content library.

Automatic payouts, less headaches

Pay your influencers what they have earned, automatically through the platform.

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Get actionable insight into your campaigns.

Forget vanity metrics, analyse your campaign results through detailed reports of what actually matters.

Track conversions

Always know exactly how many impressions, clicks and sales come from your collaborations.

Uncover top performers

Discover what collaborators drive what results, so you know who to bet on next time around.

Monitor program ROI

Keep track of how your campaigns are performing over time.

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Double down on what works.

Why changing what works? Turn your top performing collaborators in long term ambassadors.

Create private campaigns

Invite your ambassadors to private campaigns with better deal terms to keep them engaged.

Bonus Compensation

Gamify your collaboration by sending extra compensation to your top performing creators.

Get referrals

Soon, you will be able to get your brand referred to other creators by your most loyal collaborators.

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Learn how Musclehouse got 8.8x ROI on their influencer marketing

Learn how e-commerce store Musclehouse got instant success with influencer marketing using Make Influence.

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