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Nano & Micro

Start a dialogue with engaged niches.

Nano influencers are great for brands of any size to reach highly engaged niche communities and influence their perception of your brand through honest and meaningful communication. All of this, in a very cost effective way. 

Mid Tier

Grow your brand with professional voices.

Mid Tier influencers are perfect to reach and engage niches with an authoritative, opinion leading voice. Wether you want to grow brand awareness or increase traffic in a cost effective way, this is the right choice.  


Boost awareness in mass markets.

With their millions of daily impressions, Macro Influencers are great partners to boost awareness of established brands, while their low engagement and high prices make them a less cost effective choice to drive conversions. 

The official list of Denmark top influencers.

Discover over 50 Danish high performing influencers with this guide. 


Nathasja Lundkvist

Fashion, DIY, housing and family life - and all that comes with it 🍭🌸🍋🌈💖

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Julie Elgaard

21-year-old mother of 3-year-old Elina 🥰
Welcome to our everyday life and all that it entails 👨‍👩‍👧🏡 

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Katrine Absalonsen

Youtuber, 16k, Splay Danmark📸
Lifestyle, fashion & fitness💕
Copenhagen based📍

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Influencers Name


Malene Rosgaard
Honesty and Simplicity in your Influencer Career

''I am super pleased to have the opportunity to bid on relevant campaigns that match my target audience. It ensures a serious collaboration between company and influencers. I think MI solves a lot of issues, but most of all it gives a necessary transparency in relation to campaign terms, requirements and the like. If I were an investor myself, I would have thrown a big bag of money at you, because influencer marketing is only getting wilder and wilder!''

Malene Rosgaard —  @malenerosgaard_

1,500 +

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Malene Rosgaard

On my profile, you can get a mixed bag of my everyday life as a dandelion child, mother and entrepreneur🍿🍭

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Naja Ottendal

Instagrammer and mom chasing her dreams 🌷👦🏼
👩🏼 2 x Mom
🏡 Renovating a Villa from the 70's

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Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 10.23.08-1
The best for commission based collaborations.

“When people write to me about a commission based collaboration, I always recommend to do it through Make Influence! That way, as an influencer, I am guaranteed my salary, I do not risk not being cheated by a company and I can constantly keep an eye on my performance ans sales, which motivates me to generate more content and be more active around the campaign!”

Naja—  @najaborre

1,500 +

Influencers use Make influence to help manage their influencer career



Janni Askov

🚺 38 years
🍎 Weight loss (minus 53 kg)
🍏 Lifestyle change

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32 years, from Jytland 🏡
No diet plan, rather chase a balance in food🍦🥦🍫🐣
Aiming for a #weight loss of 17-18 kg 🎊🏋🏼‍♀️

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