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Awareness campaigns

Impressions count - create awareness where it matters.

Reach thousands of people, shape your brand personality and position your brand in consumers mind. With our awareness campaigns, you will be able to optimise and pay per impressions, putting your brand in front of million of people that can resonate with it.

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Traffic campaigns

Every click a treasure - drive traffic where it matters to you.

Overcome advertisement blindness and drive high quality traffic with outstanding conversion rates. Pay-per-click campaigns are an excellent alternative to facebook traffic campaigns, and allow you to pay influencers only a fixed sum for each click generated. 

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Lead gen campaigns

Optimize for any kind of ad-hoc conversion on your website.

With lead gen campaigns you can pay influencers based on ad-hoc conversion events different from clicks and sales, from signups to your mail list to "free accounts" created, app downloads and more. 


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Revenue campaigns

Predictable revenue, while keeping costs under control.

With revenue campaigns, you pay influencers a percentage of every sale generated through their work. This way, you can always meet your target ROI as well as scale what works and grow your program effectively.

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Influence for Everyone

Since 2019, we have helped over 300 companies in over 15 different industries reach maturity with their influencer marketing program.

Sinful Sinful logo 387 x 387

We get it all at Make Influence, where there is a lot of data on the influencers, so we can reach many people relatively quickly at once. We also always know exactly how much we pay for the sales that come in, which makes worrying about expected performance of an influencer completely irrelevant. 

Sebastian Møller Sardemann
Performance Marketing Specialist at Sinful
Panzerglas Panzerglass logo 387 x 387

With Make Influence, we largely get rid of influencer price negotiation. They have managed to make influencer marketing performance-based, making it something that works both for the company and the influencer. Definitely covering a gap in the market. 

Janni Eghøj Hansen
Digital Marketing Manager at Panzerglass
image 22 Musclehouse logo 387x387

 Make Influence allows you to go super granular into which collaborations create results, so that you can keep on optimizing your program and grow your ROI like any other modern push marketing channel.

Anders Nielsen
Co-Founder at Musclehouse
Nab Nordic Nab Nordic Logo 387 x 387 new

Make Influence gave us outstanding opportunities to scout influencers based on data, so we can see who performs best within our segment. We made as much revenue in the first 3 months using the platform as we did in the previous year. Absolutely central to our strategy

Kristina Rye
Founder at Nab Nordic

My biggest concern was the recruiting of the right profiles for our brand, but after meeting with Make Influence, I had a good gut feeling. Today we have a really good collaboration, where we understand and respect each other's sizes. 

Emilia Louise
Social Media Specialist at Vila (Bestseller)