Generating 20.000 orders through performance-driven creators

Case results

20.000 orders

€0.2 Cost Per Click

4.3% conversion rate

9.8x ROAS

FashionByStrand transformed its marketing strategy with sales-driven creators, achieving outstanding results. Creator marketing now ranks among their top acquisition channels.

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FashionByStrand is a Danish family-owned webshop specializing in women's clothing, operating as a multi-store featuring multiple brands alongside their in-house brand, INA Copenhagen.

The Challenge

Recognizing the potential of creator marketing in their industry, FashionByStrand sought to enter and expand within this channel. Initially, they worked with an influencer agency but soon encountered the high upfront costs associated with working with a limited number of influencers.

"The agency recommended a campaign with one macro influencer, which we ended up paying a lot of money for. We didn’t see an impact and more importantly, we couldn’t track the performance." - Christina Paulsen, Owner at FashionByStrand

This prompted FashionByStrand to seek a more data-driven approach to creator marketing, allowing them to effectively track the performance of their creators.

FashionByStrand provides a wide selection of clothing and apparel products, ranging in price from €10 to €250.

The Solution

In their quest for a solution, FashionByStrand explored various creator platforms and discovered the potential of performance-based creator marketing.

"We instantly got the concept of paying creators for their results instead of upfront payments." - Christina Paulsen, Owner at FashionByStrand

Utilizing Make Influence, FashionByStrand realized they could broaden their creator pool beyond just macro-influencers (those with over 100k followers). With access to Make Influence's database of over 4000 creators, they experimented collaborating with creators ranging from 5k to 150k followers.

Like many fashion companies, FashionByStrand leverages creators when launching new collections, a strategy that aligns seamlessly with performance-driven creators, resulting in nearly immediate impact.

"Working with over 100 creators proved to be a massive success. Especially seeing the impact that micro-influencers could bring, many of them performed well, generating substantial revenue for us." - Christina Paulsen, Owner at FashionByStrand

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The Results

Over a prolonged period, FashionByStrand generated over 20,000 orders through Make Influence. The creators they collaborated with, achieved an impressive 4.3% conversion rate, significantly surpassing the average e-commerce conversion rate of 2.5-3%, as reported by Shopify.

The Cost per Click (CPC) for their creator campaigns averaged an efficient €0.21, and overall their campaigns resulted in an Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of x9.8.

Today, influencer marketing is now among one of their biggest channels.

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