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Why Make Influence?

We make Influencer Marketing transparent, measurable and efficient.

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Emma Anesen
Influencer data
Influencer marketing
Influencer data
heart Marketers trust Make Influence because...

Influencer marketing should not feel like a leap of faith.

It is not easy, but it should not be so hard either.

We exist to help you making sense of your influencer marketing effort, from easing the evaluation and recruiting phases to track campaign performance and simplifying pay-out. All of this, while ensuring what you pay is aligned with what you get. 

We do it in a unique way, that is proven to work.

We are the only marketplace in Denmark that puts data at the center of the marketer-influencer relationship, and provides all the tools to efficiently build and manage performance driven collaborations that benefit both. 



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Don't take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.

Since 2019, we have helped over 300 companies in over 15 industries reaching maturity with their influencer marketing programs, while generating over 120 million DKK in revenue from their collaborations.


"Make Influence gave us outstanding opportunities to scout influencers based on data, so we can see who performs best within our segment. We made as much revenue in the first 3 months using the platform as we did in the previous year. Absolutely central to our strategy"
“We get it all at Make Influence, where there is a lot of data on the influencers, so we can reach many people relatively quickly at once. We also get always know exactly how much we pay for the sales that come in, and thus the concern with false followers becomes completely irrelevant.”
Sebastian Møller Sardemann, Performance Marketing Specialist
“My biggest concern was the recruiting of the right profiles for our brand, but after meeting with Make Influence, I had a good gut feeling. Today we have a really good collaboration, where we understand and respect each other's sizes. ”  
“With Make Influence, we largely get rid of prices  negotiation. They have managed to make it performance-based,  making performance something real and something appetible, which works both for the company and the influencer. Definitely covering a gap in the market. ”
file-invoice What's our secret sauce?

The future of influencer marketing passes through technology and data.

Real time influencer data.
A good influencer should not have secrets when it comes to their account performance data. By integrating directly with instagram, we are able to give you all the meaningful data you need to evaluate influencers before inviting them to your campaigns. 

Accurate conversion tracking.
With our proprietary code we install on your website, you are always able to see how your collaborations translate into impressions, traffic and sales, just like you would do for any other channel. 

Perfomance based deals.
A good influencer should not charge more than what they expect they can deliver. Thats why we tie compensation to performance, so you can rest assured your money are well spent and that you get a secure ROI. 

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thumbs-up-1 Discover our features

A complete toolbox, for end to end campaign management.

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Build Campaigns
Create professional influencer campaigns using our easy to use campaign builder, then publish them to bring your brand to the eyes of hundreds of influencers.
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Scout and Recruit
Discover, evaluate and recruit directly from a marketplace of 1400 pool of highly qualified, verified Danish influencers, using real-time data that matters to your business.
Manage Campaigns

All the advantages of an active marketplace: approve and reject influencers, manage expectations, agree on deliverables, set commission value by communicating with them directly on the app. 

Monitor performance
Once the campaigns are live, always keep an eye on how the individual influencers are performing, by tracking impressions, clicks and sales generated. Yes, you always know how much in sales your campaigns are generating!
Analyze and Report
At the end of the campaign, both you and the influencers can analyze the performance of the campaign and report on it. In case of satisfaction, double down on the collaboration.
Automated Payout

We take care of commission payout automatically through the platform, so you can forget tiring and time consuming invoicing and admin tasks.

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