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Corporate Social Responsibility

The size of your voice doesn't matter, when giving back.

At Make Influence, our job is to help amplify voices of people with something to say in order to create value: for the people that listen to them, for themselves, for the companies they work with, and also for us. 

As part of this job, we see on a daily basis the impact, both positive and negative, a honest voice can have on other people and their environment.

For this reason, it is our primary duty to make sure this impact is more positive than negative, and that we use our privileged position to make sure its effects reach more people than our closer community. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program is all about this: amplify true and honest voices that can drive positive impact and give back to society, through social and environmental initiatives. One voice at a time. 

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Formally, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a set of practices, projects and structural changes made in order integrate social and environmental considerations into their business activities and into their interaction with stakeholders.

With their Social Responsibilities programs, 
Companies aim at creating value for both the business and society by dealing with social, environmental and ethical challenges that are related to their business practices and values. 

At the same time, a good CSR program should always take in consideration stakeholders (what we call our "community"), and take decisions in accordance with internationally recognized principles of social responsibility. 


Amplifying voices is in our DNA. As a platform with an authoritative and privileged position to "make influence", we need to ensure that we do what we can to drive a positive impact in the world we live in. 

It is no secret our business rotates around creating value by selling products and services, and there is nothing bad about it. However, as a community of small and big voices, we can do much more than that. 

We believe that a clean environment, a good education, health and  social life are rights for all. However, the harsh reality tells us that not everyone experience them. 

We are here to do our part to change this. 




While working on structural and long term solutions to make our platform and our business model more sustainable and fair, we have devised a way to make impact right now. 

Each year, Make Influence will sponsor two employee driven initiatives focusing on social or environmental causes of their interest, that align with our values. 

Our community will have a role as well, both in helping us prioritising the projects closer to their hearths  and amplifying their reach and impact through shared initiatives.   
Once again, everyone can make a difference, no matter how big their voice is: we hope you will join the cause! 

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Our projects

El Cambio Academy El Cambio Academy

Creating Ugandas future role models, through football and education.

El Cambio Academy is a football academy based in Uganda,  founded in 2016 by Danish Thomas Thor. Thomas dream is to create a healhty environment for local kids and young people, where they could gain access to a better life through the power of football and education. This way, he aims to create role models who can inspire their peers, family members and those who meet them.

We visited them in April 2021, and decided to start a collaboration to help them throughout their journey. 

El cambio


SoMe Charity Dysten 2020

Coolshop - CoolUnite


In cooperation with CoolUnite and Coolshop, we collected DKK 80.000 for Denmark's new hospice for children, named Strandbakkehuset.

Strandbakkehuset wishes to put focus on life, play, and relief, and is of the conviction that all children and adolescents, no matter how short their lives may be, should have the best conditions for making as much as possible of their lives. All of this is considered in the buildings themselves, and the opportunities that the house offers. The house should radiate homeliness, relief, life and play in different forms. For there is indeed a need for that, when families find themselves in a particular hard time, becuase a child is struck by a life-threatening and fatal illness.



Julehjælpen 2020


In December 2020, we chose to have a competition on our Instagram account, in which we, in cooperation with our followers, collected some money for Julehjælpen - Christmas aid. 

Julehjælpen.dk is a non-profit organisation which has existed for more than 10 years. Several families return the year after, and donate either gifts og volunteer work. 
The story of julehjælpen.dk
starts off with an organisation that in 2007 spend their surplus on helping a group of families. Since then Julehjælpen.dk had grown into a large organisation, that helps many financially challenged families in Denmark have a nice Christmas.

Feel like we could be a good match for your cause?

At Make Influence, we find it important to support the right causes, that fit our values and vision for a more transparent and fair world. Want us to support your cause? In that case, you are always welcome to contact us.