Make Influence uses two forms of tracking: cookies and IP

In order to track sales in our system, and to reward influencers correctly, we place a cookie in your browser  (Read about cookies here) and keep your IP-address.

Why do we place a Cookie?

We do that in order to reward the right influencer with the commission. And next, to see which link lead you to the site that generated the sale, we use cookies to register your clicks.

Cookies remain in your browser for up to op 30 days, so that we can track sales for up to 30 days after you clicked a link.

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Why do we keep your IP address?

We do that to track you, if you click a link via an app that opens the link in an ’internal’ browser. These internal browsers do not save cookies for the next visit, or visits through a normal bowser on the phone/tablet. If we only tracked via cookies, we would lose the possibility of tracking sales.

We only keep your IP for up to 3 months after your click.