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Influencer marketing with a focus on business

The future of influencer marketing built on conscious decisions, transparency and interdependence.

Make Influence
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We have created a responsible and honest alternative.


Influence requires insight! Today, most business decisions should be conscious and driven by data. That is why we have designed an honest platform that provides both insight and overview.

It takes two to tango. Our model is built on a mutual dependence between your company and the selected influencer. This means that the salary of the influencer is tied up to the success of your business.

A new kind of influencers. Our network of carefully selected influencers is trained in creating content that understands your business, manages to increase awareness and translate it into sales figures.

Laura Glentemose
Emma Anesen
Influencer data

Gain influence, insight and overview.

Value-driven pricing

We have created a platform where price and performance are linked to ensure transparency between influencers and companies.

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Talents tailored to you

We give you a quick and accurate overview of identifying the right influencers to take your brand to the next level.

Unlimited data

Gather all your data in one place and create a strategic overview. An overview that makes it easier to see the results for your influencer marketing.

Grow your business

The path to growth is a science that requires insight and overview. Even though it's a science, it does not have to be that difficult.

A new generation of influencers.

With us, you get access to a whole new kind of influencers. Those who help set the standard and create the influencer industry of the future. They are more professional, data-driven, and understand both business and why it is so important to create lasting and noticeable results.

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing
High level of ambition

Nothing comes easy. Especially not influence. We only recruit influencers with the highest level of ambition to create awareness around your brand.

Brand awareness

The influencers are brand ambassadors, and they have a lot to say. They have loyal followers who trust and identify with them.


A new generation of influencers. Less polished. More professional. Our influencers treat a brand partnership seriously and often as a full-time job.

Over 1000 influencers

Professional people with the ability to be themselves 100% and make a business out of it. People who understand that good content leads to more conversions.

"Wow! What a cool influencer platform! We have tried countless marketing channels, but Make Influence has really made us hungry for more. After a month on the platform, we set a revenue record on the webshop - thank you so much!"

Louis Norr, Exotic Mix

"It was interesting that you could be allowed to sort and go in-depth with the many influencers and see their data, so we not just send clothes out in vain - but have the opportunity to sort from and then stick to the good ones. That is awesome. "

Cecilie Husted, ByHusted

“We collect it all at Make Influence, where there is a lot of data on the influencers, so we can reach many people relatively quickly at once, without having to spend too much time writing to people who potentially do not want to work with us. We get the opportunity to know exactly how much we pay for the sales that come in, and thus the issue of false followers is completely indifferent ”.

Sebastian Møller Sardemann, Performance Marketing Specialist, Sinful ApS