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Lærke Sejer 618x618

“Since January, when I set up on the platform, everything has gone fast - my turnover has increased by 650 percent! And then I want to praise the team behind Make Influence; they handle everything super professionally!”



Lærke Sejer
Naja Borre

“When people write to me about a commission based collaboration, I always recommend to do it through make-influence! That way, as an influencer, I am guaranteed my salary, I risk not being cheated by a company and I can constantly keep an eye on my sales, which motivates me to generate more content and be more active around the campaign!”



Naja Borre
Malene Rosgaard

I am super pleased to have the opportunity to bid on relevant campaigns that match my target audience. It ensures a serious collaboration between company and influencers. I think MI solves a lot of issues, but most of all it gives a necessary transparency in relation to campaign terms, requirements and the like. If I were an investor myself, I would have thrown a big bag of money at you, because influencer marketing is only getting wilder and wilder!”



Malene Rosgaard

Make Influence is the perfect influencer platform, if you're interested in being sent a lot of cool products, and at the same time make money from it. In all the time I have been on the platform, everything has been right by the book. Thank you! 






Jackie Navarro

I use make influence because it makes my life as an influencer much easier. I can easily connect with businesses, have a great overview of my clicks and sales (which I'm really happy about), and I don't even have to do that much except for creating content. Make Influence makes it super easy, on top of that, they are a great team to work with.



Camilla Bomund
Business Type-15

Fashion & Beauty

From shoes to scarfs, from lipsticks to perfumes, find the right influencers for fashion, accessories and beauty brands.

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Business Type-12

Home & Family

From interior design to bricolage through children clothing and toys - all the influencers you need to reach your your your home and family niches.

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Business Type-13

Health & Lifestyle

Wether you sell protein bars, surf boards or yoga courses, we have plenty of healhty and active influencers to take your brand further.

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Business Type-14

Food & Drinks

Wether you offer an experience or a product, we have plenty of successful collaborations within both hospitality and food and beverages producers.

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Discover why over 200 e-commerce brands trust make influence to help them manage and scale their influencer programs. 

Nab Nordic Nab Nordic Logo 387 x 387 new

"Make Influence gave us outstanding opportunities to scout influencers based on data, so we can see who performs best within our segment. We made as much revenue in the first 3 months using the platform as we did in the previous year. Absolutely central to our strategy"

Kristina Rye
Founder at Nab Nordic
Sinful Sinful logo 387 x 387

We get it all at Make Influence, where there is a lot of data on the influencers, so we can reach many people relatively quickly at once. We also always know exactly how much we pay for the sales that come in, so that the concern with fake followers becomes completely irrelevant."

Sebastian Møller Sardemann
Performance Marketing Specialist at Sinful
Panzerglas Panzerglass logo 387 x 387

With Make Influence, we largely get rid of prices  negotiation. They have managed to make it performance-based,  making performance something real and something appetible, which works both for the company and the influencer. Definitely covering a gap in the market. ”

Janni Eghøj Hansen
Digital Marketing Manager at Panzerglass

My biggest concern was the recruiting of the right profiles for our brand, but after meeting with Make Influence, I had a good gut feeling. Today we have a really good collaboration, where we understand and respect each other's sizes. ”  

Emilia Louise
Social Media Specialist at Vila (Bestseller)

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