Smart Makro

From unsure of creator marketing to over +30k clicks and +1800 orders in two months.

Case results

+30.000 website visits

+1800 orders

6.3% conversion rate

€0.2 Cost per Click

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What do you do as a marketer if you're uncertain about a channel? That's right, you test! And that's exactly what Smart Makro did.‍

Smart Makro is a Danish webshop focusing on nutritious food and healthy products. Products include protein pasta, motivational water bottles, and journals.

The Challenge

Initially hesitant about the potential of creator marketing to drive sales, Smart Makro also had doubts about how well their brand would resonate in the creator space.

“We were unsure about the whole thing, but with the free trial we thought we would give it a shot” - Sofie Hust, founder at Smart Makro

Starting on the Make Influence 30-day free trial, Smart Makro wanted to test out a larger campaign with 40 creators. They offered their creators 12% commission per sale and made sure that they attracted the right type of creators.

“Our audience is primarily women in a specific age range, so we wanted to make sure that the creators we collaborate with had the same audience” -Sofie Hust, founder at Smart Makro

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The Solution

On their first campaign, Smart Makro especially through their well-written campaign briefing attracted 150 creators on the Make Influence marketplace.

Using Make Influence, they were able to  get an overview on each creator's data including: impressions, reach and follower demographic. This allowed Smart Makro to accept creators with the right amount of reach while also having the follower audience that fit their target audience.

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“We attracted a lot of creators, and being able to view their performance and follower audience, we knew exactly who to choose” - Sofie Hust, founder at Smart Makro

They now had 40 accepted creators unto their campaign, that all had the best opportunity to succeed.

All they now had to do was send out their product and continue the collaboration.

Creator view of data
Smart Makro used Make Influence data to review creator applications, only accepting the promising ones.

50 best performing creators in Denmark based on data

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Based on data directly from the Make Influenece platform.

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The Results

Smart Makro achieved incredible numbers in their first two months on the platform. Not only did they receive a massive amount of impressions, resulting in over 30.000 new visitors, but they also achieved incredible sales numbers, generating over +1800 orders with a 6.3% conversion rate!

“We were very  surprised with the results, we really didn’t expect such a big impact from this channel” - Sofie Hust, founder at Smart Makro

Smart Makro is now ramping up their creator marketing efforts, exploring brand ambassador campaigns and beyond with Make Influence.

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