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Less polished.
More professional.

Authentic influencers. We believe that influence is achived through authenticity. 

Professional and ambitious. We also believe  that the right influence is created by professional end serious influencers.

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In a world where our feeds are filled with fake news, we need real people to tell us real stories. And take responsibility.

Settlement each month

It is calculated each month how much value you have created for your brands. Follow your performance on your own personal dashboard. 

Find your favourite brand

You will find plenty of new and known brands on our platform. And we are certain there will be something to your liking. 

Unlimited earnings

There is no limit to how much you can earn in partnership with a business. Use your creativity to achieve the best results.

Automatic payments

You don't have to do anything, when it comes to getting paid for your work. We make sure the money slides safely into your account each month. 

What Our Influencers Have to Say About Us

Make Influence is the perfect influencer platform, if you're interested in being sent a lot of cool products, and at the same time make money from it. In all the time I have been on the platform, everything has been right by the book. Thank you! 






Jackie Navarro

I use make influence because it makes my life as an influencer much easier. I can easily connect with businesses, have a great overview of my clicks and sales (which I'm really happy about), and I don't even have to do that much except for creating content. Make Influence makes it super easy, on top of that, they are a great team to work with.



Camilla Bomund
Anders 6176c3beac02e5c39d067f09_Logo - Monzo

I use Make Influence, because it is simple and easy to use. There are always plenty of campaigns, and on top of that, the make influence team is always happy to help, if you have any issues!







Anders Storm
heart Our mission

Influence is all about insight!
So stop working blindly.

Our mission is to allow businesses and influencers to build a strong parnership on a platform where the possibilities of earnings are endless, but based on measurable results. We do not define influencers by their size, but rather on the value they create.

The influencer business has an unnecessarily damaged reputation. We wish to change that. We want to bring the influencer business into the future, by making it more transparent and fair. And by proving how the right use of influencers offers the power required by tomorrow's marketing.

What is Make Influence?