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Honesty, Frankness, Responsibility.

Let's be honest. Without businesses, it would be just about impossible to be an influencer. If we want success, we pretty much depend on each other.

And even though it often is an open relationship, honesty and responsibility are still essential, if it is to work out. 

That is why we have created a transparent alternative. A platform with direct access to the deceisive data, that an agreement is based upon..

Performancebaseret influencer marketing
Performancebaseret influencer marketing
Performancebaseret influencer marketing
Performancebaseret influencer marketing

As Simple as it gets.

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Create your account in just two minutes, it's that easy!

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Browse the constantly growing list of campaigns on our marketplace.

Create Content

Create your content, without fear of being micromanaged. You do you.

Get Paid

We have a fully automated payment system, that takes care of all the boring stuff, like taxes.

Your earnings depend on your results

It is quite simple. The results you make decide your earnings. The better results you make for the company, the higher your own earnings.

Payment each month

The platform handles many of the business aspects which otherwise can be time consuming. Like securing automatic payment to you each month. What's not to like?

Your favourite brands

We work with more than 400 across 20 industries. As part of Make Influence you get the opportunity to work with just the brands you want to.

Events and network

Make Influence is a company that focuses on community. That is why we regularly have cool events, offering you the opportunity to meet other influencers, and of course potential new working partners.

Unlimited earnings

There is no limit to how much money you can make on our platform. Your earnings depend solely on the results you get, together with the businesses. So there is not limit to your earnings.

Performancebaseret influencer marketing
Performancebaseret influencer marketing
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Automatic monthly payments

Monthly settlements! Each month, the value you have created for your brands is calculated. Your earnings are automatically transfered to your account.

No limits on earnings. There is no limit to how much money can be made on a campaign. It all depends on how much value you create for your brand.

Search Scouting and recruitment

A new generation of influencers

Too many people have a misconception about what it means to be an influencer. Influencers are not a bunch of foolish, unambitious adolescents, uncritically sharing anything they are told. Quite the contrary.

Being an influencer today is in many ways comparable to being an entrepreneur. It takes hard work, a great deal of ambition, business acumen, and a talent for conveying credible messages and stories. 

To tell that story, we have created an open and honest influencer platform. A platform documenting all the amazing business results you acheive  - and of course are being paid for.


"The platform makes it very easy to find partners to work with, and offers me a nice additional income! Make Influence has a fine selection of brands I can promote to my followers."

Lærke Bodilsen

"Make Influence er den perfekte influencer platform, hvis man er interesseret i at få tilsendt en masse fede produkter og samtidig tjene penge på det. Al den tid, jeg har været på platformen, har alt været lige efter bogen. Tak for jer!"

Jackie Navarro

"Godt og professionelt samarbejde. Man bliver taget seriøst, og der er en god personlig kontakt. Jeg er meget glad for samarbejdet - og tryg."

Jade Hansen

"Make Influence har gjort det nemt og overskueligt for mig at være influencer. Det er super nemt at finde gode samarbejdspartnere, og holdet bag er altid klar til at hjælpe, hvis du har brug for det. Jeg er yderst tilfreds!"

Emma Anesen